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Apply and Command is a career coaching service for millennial women. Through strategic thinking and guided discussion, I help you break down the walls blocking you from your version of success. Coaching is the motivational part; I act as your accountability partner throughout our time together as well as a teacher, helping you build a strategy to reach your goals.

Throughout my career, I’ve been a champion for women and diversity. I embody what Apply & Command stands for; taking control of your career by owning your path and working smarter, not harder. With a history of diverse fields, industries, job titles and work environments, my varied experience helps me provide a unique view of the job landscape. I pride myself on a high emotional intelligence that allows me to create impactful connections with my clients, earning their trust and assuring them that I’m as dedicated to their dreams as they are.

what is career coaching?

Career Coaching is a targeted process of consulting and training designed to help people find fulfillment in their careers. Despite your coach's expertise, it's important to remember that you're the pilot. A coach is a tool but ultimately you decide what your goals are and what you want to do to reach them.

Why use a coach?

You go to a dermatologist for your skin, a chiropractor for your back, a cardiologist for your heart and you'd never fill a cavity yourself, right? Nine times out of ten, we choose a specialist to help us through life - why would it be any different for something as important as your career?

who needs it?

People from all stages in life, all ages and backgrounds use coaches. Whether you're looking for direction or just need help making a tough decision regarding your career, a coach can point you in the right direction. 


Your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have power you need to empower somebody else
— Toni Morrison


FIerce Words from Fierce WOmen

"Her encouragement and honesty made me realize that anything is possible with big dreams and even bigger plans."
"Cairo’s feedback and pointers not only validated that I at least understood what was missing, but she gave me the CONFIDENCE to do it."
"She both reminded me to have a positive outlook and celebrate successes, while setting the expectation that it can take a good amount of work determine your goals, and that this work is worth it."