Apply & Command
We Don't Do "Can't" Here



"What is apply & command?"

Apply and Command is a career coaching service for millennial women (ages 18-35). Through strategic thinking and guided discussion, I help you break down the walls blocking you from your version of success. Coaching is the motivational part; I act as your accountability partner throughout our time together as well as a teacher, helping you build a strategy to reach your goals


"What do you focus on?"

Job Search Strategy: our coach can write a powerful cover letter and/or resume for you that will catch employers' eyes and have them scrambling to offer you a job.
Career direction: Meant for greatness but can't figure out how to achieve it? Your coach can offer an analysis of your skills, interests and ideals and strategize with you to find your calling.
Work Performance: Worried about keeping the job you have? Or advancing in your company? Let a career coach advise and train you on navigating your inter-office relationships to make it to the top.


"Why target women?"

Because we need it and we deserve it. At this point, It's common knowledge that we’re staggeringly behind our male counterparts in the workforce -(but let's take that with a grain of salt because who says we all want their jobs anyway?) What's more interesting to me is that we're so unhappy. I'd like to fix that.



Payments are collected before sessions and are non refundable. Client can reschedule up to two times before contract is canceled. We accept Venmo, Paypal and, of course, cash. Additional fees apply for in-person meetings.