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Welcome to Apply & Command, a coaching service for women who are ready to take control of their careers. It’s been a whirlwind getting here, from the birth of this concept to its fruition as a business. It’s been a personal, spiritual and professional journey figuring out how to effectively share an age old message in a new way: 

I built A&C on the basis that the above statement is always true and when we begin our journey knowing this truth, we achieve our end goals faster, easier and with more satisfaction. Millennial women suffer in their careers because they lack direction and are unhappy at work. We’re bombarded with article after article about gaining confidence, dressing the part, and being a ‘boss bitch”. But we need more than a few mantras and inspirational graphic quotes about believing in ourselves. 

It's not enough to tell us to follow our dreams because we’re complex, life isn’t always linear (neither are careers) and sometimes you don’t “use” your college major. Yeah, some of us are meant to have more than one job at a time, others are meant to run our own businesses and others still are destined to create a unique space for themselves that we haven't heard of before. But all of us are in this together and all of us deserve the skills to get what we want out of our careers. 


I have a degree in creative writing and after graduation I went into real estate while working on getting published as a Sci-fi and Fantasy author. For most of that time, I dreamed of being a recruiter, completely unrelated to my education and a position I didn’t know how to attain. When I left school, I had a lot of dreams but no direction and no one to get me there so I had to do it alone. But each time I set a new goal it was easier to reach. I fought to get better at it. So can you. 

While many coaching services are targeting women, I'm specifically targeting the tough ones. The women who are done with being unhappy in their careers or with feeling like they'll never reach their goals; those of us determined to work hard and want to form an aggressive plan for professional satisfaction. Because Apply & Command is about choices. 

It's for the young woman bartending while studying for the bar exam; for the single mom who needs help building baby steps for her business, for the mid level exec who knows she deserves a promotion but doesn't know how to get it, for the college grad asking herself “What now?” 

Because that's the woman who is ready for a challenge, the woman who is ready to stop waiting and ready to start taking, the woman who’s ready to apply herself and command what she wants out of her career. 

We all want more and we can have it if we do the work. We're going to work smarter not harder this time, though. It’s fine if it takes help. In fact, we need to be helping each other. 

Let’s do this together. 

Your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have power you need to empower somebody else
— Toni Morrison

- Cairo Amani

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