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Cairo Amani


When I was 23, I wanted something very simple:

A new job that paid me 40k a year and let me wear whatever I wanted to work.

A close older friend of mine told me, essentially, that I couldn’t have that.

“You’re going to have to suck it up and deal with a dress code,” she said. But wearing jeans and sneakers to my desk job was—at the time—the only luxury I enjoyed at work and I didn’t want to give up that amenity in search of a better opportunity.

(Call me spoiled—but seriously so what?)

I knew myself; I’d rather be focused on getting things done than how uncomfortable I was in a blouse and slacks.

So I ignored her...

And landed a job that paid me more than what I was looking for

(and welcomed my wide collection of sneakers).

I haven’t looked back since and years later that friend used my services. I’ve always strived to make purposeful moves in my career which means I’ve been able to accomplish so many of my goals—including helping others do the same.

You deserve to be happy, comfortable, and fulfilled at work.

And in the midst of everyone telling you that you can’t do something, you should have someone telling you that you can.

- Cairo Amani, Founder & Career Strategist




"When I found myself looking at an unfulfilling operations career, Cairo helped to better understand my choices and to highlight marketable skills that allowed me to own my professional path. She provided clarity for a much-needed exit strategy that I am using to make promising lateral moves. Her encouragement and honesty made me realize that anything is possible with big dreams and even bigger plans."

- anaia P.



"I had an idea of what my resume needed, but I had no clue how to do it. Cairo’s feedback and pointers not only validated that I at least understood what was missing, but she gave me the CONFIDENCE to do it. Cairo’s precision and advice erased my excuse to be lazy and encouraged me to find a joy in the details I previously avoided. I’m looking forward to the opportunities institutionally and independently.."

- sara g.



"In our initial conversation, Cairo asked smart questions and approached our discussion with a lot of empathy. I felt that she really listened to my current career thoughts and developed next steps that were spot on for where I am in my career planning process. I appreciated that Cairo was honest, supportive, positive and firm all at the same time. Cairo does a great job of highlighting empowering perspectives, reminding me of my control of the situation and the power in coming up with a plan. She both reminded me to have a positive outlook and celebrate successes, while setting the expectation that it can take a good amount of work determine your goals, and that this work is worth it. I felt that Cairo's advice was helpful in preparing me for my steps  in building a network and discovering opportunities. I hope to work with Cairo again as I continue to set my career goals."

- m.c.



"Cairo was extremely helpful in analyzing my previous work experience and refining exactly what I wanted and needed out of my career. She helped break down my activism into professional traits that all workplaces would be interested in ex. analyzing feedback, high emotional intelligence and carrying out leadership in high pressure environments. When I first started with Cairo I thought my resume wouldn't need much work but after her feedback I realized that it needed to be improved to really shine in the positions I was applying for. I would highly recommend Cairo, especially to people looking to switch industries."

- dechen k.



"The beauty in having interests is that [I] have options." 

This is one of the many simple, yet complex, takeaways I received from my sessions with Cairo. As I approach a crossroads in my life, I'm trying to discover what I want to do and how I want to do it. Cairo helped me organize my myriad ideas in a way that made them less overwhelming. Cairo provided me with a level of insight and perspective that speak of her dedication to her craft. From her pointed questions to her very active listening, Cairo's devotion to helping her clients is obvious.

                                                                     -Arienne J.



 "Cairo has helped me ignite my career. Before interacting with Cairo, I did not have the tools to really figure out if a career is for me and if it is, how to approach it to stand out from other candidates! I really appreciate the time and effort Cairo took to help me with my career and academic goals."

                                                                                                                                                           -Autumn K.



Cairo Amani is a non- technical tech professional living in NYC. With a career spanning sales, customer success, recruitment and operations, Cairo has been super privileged to work at awesome startup companies with amazing products and missions. She's obsessed with changing the way "work" works, by helping women* hack the system and break down the walls that hold them back.

A strong advocate for company culture, Cairo understands that while bringing your dog to work is fun, true job-happiness comes from feeling empowered and being able to excel.


*see my FAQ page for more info on gender