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We Don't Do "Can't" Here
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Apply & Command


Aren’t you tired of being overlooked?

In a sea of resumes, cover letters and Linkedin profiles, great candidates like you are being lost in the tide. It takes more than sending out application after application. You need a plan.

As a Career Strategist I help women (and GNC folks!) create dynamic plans of action to transform their careers, whether they’re looking for something new or growing where they are.


How can I help you Curate Your Career?

Job Search

Is your resume a hot mess? Do nerves get the best of you in an interview? Whether you’re changing companies or transitioning to a new career--getting hired is hard. Why do it alone?

Performance & Growth

Hoping for a promotion or raise? Looking to impress your new boss in those crucial first months? I want to help you be your best self.

Office Life

Not sure how to connect with your colleagues?Company culture a rough fit? Tell me more!





FIerce Words from Fierce WOmen

"Her encouragement and honesty made me realize that anything is possible with big dreams and even bigger plans."
"Cairo’s feedback and pointers not only validated that I at least understood what was missing, but she gave me the CONFIDENCE to do it."
"She both reminded me to have a positive outlook and celebrate successes, while setting the expectation that it can take a good amount of work determine your goals, and that this work is worth it."